Nov 30

Fun, Fit, and Guilt Free!

So this weekend I had a chance to hold a “Fun, Fit, and Guilt Free” House Party.

Mousse Temptations by Jell-O
I’ve been struggling on how I should write this post. There is now way I can truly express with words how much fun we had. None of my photos, video, tweet timeline or even a capture from the Ustream chat room, come close to capturing the laughs we had.

This past Saturday there were 7,501 “Fun, Fit and Guilt Free” House Parties held across the United States. We were lucky enough to be one of them. Each party received a copy of the Ubisoft Your Shape featuring Jenny McCarthy and Mousse Temptations by Jello-O to try out. We also received a bonus game from Ubisoft, Just Dance.

The Dark Chocolate Mousse received a big thumbs up and everyone had a chance to see how the Your Shape work out in action…
@SugarJones Testing out Your Shape featuring Jenny McCarthy
I made a few recipes from Lisa Lillien’s Hungry Girl 200 under 200. We had Magical Low-Calorie Margarita’s, Gimme Gimme S’mores Sandwich, Red Velvet Insanity Cupcakes, Rockin’ Restaurant Spinach Dip and a number of other things. I can’t believe they were all low calorie recipes! You can buy your own copy here…
After about an hour of Your Shape, eating and enjoying a drink I remembered we had another game to try out. I grabbed the
and put it in the Wii. This is when the Party really got started, because we all know that
We started to UStream and the chat room voted and the chat room decided we should do Eye of the Tiger. Everyone seemed to enjoy that one!
I want to thank all the ladies for coming! I had such a good time! Thank you UBISOFT and Jell-O for sponsoring the night. Just Dance is now not only my favorite Wii game, but my favorite work out! If only it counted how many calories we burned!

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