Nov 30

The Bra Whisperer

Ok ladies, be honest with me. How many of you remove you bra the second you get home? Did you know that your bra is not suppose to be uncomfortable? Did you know that 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra? I knew the number was huge, but I didn’t know that huge! I also always assumed that I was one of the few wearing the correct size and I was proud of my 34b.

This past Friday we were invited to visit one of Susan Nethero stores, Intimancy, at her only West Coast Location. Located in Fashion Valley, right by Nordstrom. Some of you might remember seeing Susan on Oprah, where Oprah appropriately called her the Bra Whisperer. Almost 100 of us were invited to an evening of Cupcakes, Champagne, Appetizers and a complimentary bra fitting.

I was actually excited to go in and get my fitting, because I was certain I was wearing the correct size. Tracy (gosh I hope I remember the right name) was my Bra Fit Stylist. She walked me into my well lite fitting room and instructed me to remove my shirt. After I rambled about not being in good shape, and my tummy not looking like it use too, I timidly removed my shirt. Tracy was great and made me feel so comfortable. She immediately pointed out that my 34 was too big. Um, Really? She also pointed out that my B cup was to small. Too small? Really? She then left me alone to calculate all the dollar I’ve wasted at Victoria Secrets on Bra’s that don’t even fit me!

My Bra Fit Stylist returned with a number of pretty new bras, all size…32D. That’s right you heard me correctly. My name is Theresa and I am a 32D! She changed my life when she put that first bra on me. I could not wait to run from that dressing room and scream to the hills that I am a 32D!!!!! I sent a text to my husband to let him know, though his response was along the lines of ”No you’re not. No doctor can work that fast.” hhmmm, Whatever Dude! I’m a 32D!

Through out the night women came out of the room saying the exact same thing “That change my life.”

Now, let me tell you about the price tag. Don’t walk in here expecting to pay Victoria Secret prices. Be prepared to spend between $69 and $215. I bought 2 bras one was $69 and the other was $89. Here’s the catch, next year after I’ve stretched my bras out all I have to do is take them back and they fix them! That’s right, Intimacy will resize your bras for you!! If you take care of you bras correctly they should last 3-4 years!

Bra tips …

1. You should own at least 3 good bras. 1 to wear, 1 in the wash and 1 back up.

2. When you put on your bra, bend over and place your breast into the cups.

3. Sizes 0-2 =30 S 4-6=32 S 8-10=34 S 12-14=36 S16-18=38 S 1x =40 2X=42

4. A Bra should not be uncomfortable, and if it is you’re probably wearing the wrong size.

I want to thank all the ladies from Intimacy, Jen (@LimelightJenn) Tiffany (@SitsGirls), Kadi Prescott (@DigitalKadi) and Sugar (@SugarJones) for such a great night. You ladies did an amazing job.

Some of the amazing San Diego Twitter ladies that were there last night. They’re all a must follow!

@MamaMaryShow @sandiegomomma @lajollamom @ooph @PickleSugarPlum @EverydayMama @MrsNatalie @lolagoetz @KKsWeb2 @2WordTweets @specialksd @rachel6473 @dailytemecula @cathynguyen @reesedixon @JenBoydSD

If I forgot you I so sorry!

*I did receive a gift certificate from Intimacy for attending this event.

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